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About Ocean Airconditioning Industries

Ocean Airconditioning Industries is around 50 years young.

The company was started by Matt Porter’s father back in the 1960s and then handed over to Matt when his father decided to take things a little easier. He still stayed with the firm at that stage, but did so by getting a pay-check from Matt every week!

The simple and old-fashioned values that Matt’s father instilled in him are the same values that flow through Matt’s veins today. In simple terms, these are to provide excellent service and advice and never cut corners.

What does this mean for you, the customer? Quality service is a given, as is a determination to only use the best brands and suppliers. Choose Matt and he’ll do the job the right way. You may find a cheaper provider, but when you use Matt you’ll enjoy years of trouble-free air conditioning, heating and hot water. And if you do have an issue down the track, Matt’s only a phone call away.

The other difference you may notice when dealing with Ocean Airconditioning is that there are no smooth and flashy-dressed sales people. When you call Ocean Airconditioning you’ll talk to Matt. And when you organise a quote, Matt will turn up at the front door. Don’t worry, there may be a little dirt on his clothes from his previous job, but he’ll take his boots off at the door!

Experience the Ocean Airconditioning difference yourself. Contact Matt and receive the professional, down-to-earth and quality advice and service that you could only hope for when you need a new air conditioner, heater of hot water service.

Ocean Airconditioning Industries will provide excellent service and advice and never cut corners

Ocean Airconditioning Industries owner Matt Porter provides professional, down-to-earth and quality advice and service air conditioner, heater and hot water service sales and installation.