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Ocean Air supplies and installs only leading brands of air conditioners and heating system.

Residential air conditioning and heating

When you’re hot or cold, you just want to press a button to feel comfortable. Running costs, safety and the environment are important, but comfort is the overriding factor!

Ocean Airconditioning Industries sells, designs and installs all major residential air conditioning and heating systems, including split systems, ducted heating and evaporative cooling. Our expert advice will ensure you get the best system for your requirements and budget, and you’ll soon be comfortable no matter what the outside temperature.

While you might find cheaper cooling and heating at your local hardware or home furnishings store, you’ll soon forget about how much you saved when the solution is ineffective on a particularly hot or cold day, or when you get your next energy bill. With Ocean Airconditioning, you can be assured of getting the best possible service and advice, and the best brands. We won’t cut corners just to win a quote; we want you to enjoy years of trouble-free air conditioning and heating, and if that means paying a little extra at the start we think it’s worth it, and we hope you’ll agree!

While Ocean Airconditioning can sell, design and install the best systems on the planet, where money is no object, if your budget won’t stretch that far we can most definitely help you. In fact, we’re experts at tailoring heating and cooling systems to your budget. We don’t sell cheap systems or cut corners, but we do provide economical solutions that do a great job of heating and cooling.

Want to find out more? Give Matt a call on 0408 179 502 and experience his professional, down-to-earth and quality advice and service yourself.